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A Launching Off Point

Launch day, even a soft launch, is full of emotion. Thousands of hours, meetings, crumpled up pages and effort has been poured into turning an idea into a real company. At moments this seems so surreal, that we’re finally launching Miller Inspiration, which was just an idea all those months ago.

Now that Launch Day is upon us, I’m pleased to be able to reveal our mission and what lies on the immediate horizon.

The mission of Miller Inspiration is to serve business leaders and entrepreneurs by providing lessons and services related to professional training and personal transformation. Miller Inspiration teaches Life’s Best Practices using as its starting point, the lives, lessons and principles of Larry H. and Gail Miller. Miller Inspiration is a natural extension of the Miller family’s commitment to philanthropy and service, specifically as it relates to the development of human capital.

As I’ve delivered my keynote speech over the last several months, I’ve been profoundly affected by the feedback I’ve received and I will continue to find new venues where my message can leave an impact. The speech is meant to be inspirational and educational as it discusses my insights into what made my dad, Larry, successful and also candidly explores how his business success came with personal costs.

In the future, we will offer a broader selection of products including workshops, publications and collateral materials covering areas of success motivation, best business practices, entrepreneurship and leadership. Our goal is to have workshops and materials available to the general public in early summer of 2014.

Miller Inspiration intends to continue the legacy of my father, Larry, and mother, Gail, as we renew their commitment to the communities where we conduct business.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my journey as I grow Miller Inspiration. If you’d like to stay connected, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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  1. Charlie M Reply

    Congrats on officially launching Miller Inspiration!
    This is the area I love and have a passion for. Grateful to see an organization looking to inspire the business community and provide tools to strengthen families.
    PS – The logo looks great!

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