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Does Your Team Have What It Needs To Learn & Grow?

As a leader, there are times when problems look solvable with additional training, but according to this Elearning! Article, if cracks or instability exist in the foundation, the training will only compound the situation.


3 Things Every Worker Needs in Order to Learn and Develop

Plants need food, water and sunshine to grow. Employees need certain things to grow, too.

People don’t give a rip about things like self-actualization if they feel like they are barely surviving. Also, if workers aren’t getting what they need professionally, they will not be positioned for effective learning either.

Before an organization can learn and develop, the people inside it must be engaged. If you want learning to be efective, then you must understand what engages people to want to learn in the first place.


Inside virtually everyone is a maestro searching for a masterpiece. For some, it’s the primary source of fullfllment. Think artists, athletes and performers whose core passion is a unique skill, talent or giftedness. But those are just the obvious examples. You’ll also find this source of engagement providing satisfaction to woodworkers, orthopedic surgeons, venture capitalists, inventors, chefs and builders. Anywhere skill is required, you will find some workers who derive joy from performing it, right down to the master street sweeper. Tasks that are meaningless and monotonous to one person can be a veritable playground for another.

So why are some people more engaged by craft than others? There are numerous factors, of course, but any organization can optimize the craft factor to raise engagement.

First, emphasize it. When Starbucks closed all 7,100 of its stores for three hours to re-teach 135,000 baristas the art of making espresso, it turned what had become a routine into an art form.

Second, measure it. A problem clearly defined is a problem half-solved. Organizations that leverage craft well also measure craft well. They define it, teach it, practice it, and live it.

Finally, celebrate it. When craft is recognized as an organizational value, and even embedded in performance management, people engage accordingly.


Peter Drucker told the story of three stone-cutters who were asked what they were doing. Te first replied that he was making a living. The second explained that he was cutting stones exceptionally. And the third proclaimed, “I am building a cathedral.” Transcendence is an engaging concept. Some work is innately transcendent: social work, public service or catastrophe relief. However, even for-profit companies can find the deeper meaning in the things they do.


People are social creatures. The need for belonging is one of the strongest drivers in the human experience. When a worker belongs to an organization that heightens esteem, shares personal values, and/or creates a sense of support and community, that worker is energized to become more engaged.

Craft, Cause, and Culture are the food, water and sunshine of any organization. Most of the time, people will tolerate shortcomings in two of these three categories as long as they are well-served by at least one–the best organizations constantly cultivate all three.

Link to the entire article 3 Things Every Worker Needs in Order to Learn and Develop – Elearning!.

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