BEYOND DRIVEN: Writer/Editor Summary


Many people know the public side of Larry H. Miller: owner of the Utah Jazz, automobile dealer, entrepreneur. But few have seen the remarkable, almost unbelievable things this “ordinary yet extraordinary” man did on a daily basis. Larry himself offered a glimpse of his life in the 2009 biography Driven, detailing his journey from a teenager kicked out of his own home to a billionaire entrepreneur whose vast network of businesses includes an NBA franchise and the nation’s 10th-largest automobile dealership. But Driven only told part of the story, and Larry passed away before it ever went to print.

Now, Miller Inspiration is putting Larry’s story in the hands of the people who knew him best. We are collecting 99 stories, written in first-person by people from all walks of life. Collectively, the stories will answer the question Larry heard often during his lifetime: What is the secret to success? Readers will see Larry’s success principles in action, and will recognize ways they can implement those actions in their own lives.

Miller Inspiration would like to work with an experienced editor to help make Beyond Driven a powerfully uplifting and inspiring work. Bryan Miller, Larry’s youngest son and president of Miller Inspiration, is spearheading the project.

Scope of work:

We started the story solicitation process in April 2014 (see Bryan Miller’s introductory video) and to date have received approximately 80 submissions. We are receiving stories on a wide spectrum of quality, from well-written pieces with a narrative arc, to non-linear “memories” of Larry. Our goal is to take each of these pieces and produce a polished story/anecdote that retains each author’s voice and intent. Our vision of workflow is to have our internal staff filter the incoming stories, make initial edits and arrange the piece into a cohesive narrative. We will then forward the manuscript to you, the editor, to develop into a finished piece.

Work will be done on a freelance basis, but our desire is to build a close working relationship with the editor in order to maintain consistent quality. Our targeted release date for this book is Q2 of 2016. We anticipate that there will be a steady, ongoing need for writing and editing from now until the release.

You can learn more about the project by reviewing the overview and submission guidelines.

About you:

If you are interested in joining this project and make it successful, we ask that you complete the following steps:

  1. Submit the contact form below.
  2. Submit a completed story from the rough edit provided (instructions below).