Deadline for submissions:

September 30, 2014

Potential themes for your story may include:

Hard Work / Competitiveness / Honesty / Integrity / Patriotism / Leadership
Innovation / Stewardship / Respect / Trust / Cars / Teachability
Spirituality / Execution / Consistency / Softball / Emotion / Tenacity
Efficiency / Philanthropy / Humor / Humility / Negotiating / Numbers

Story Guidelines:

  1. Your story should evoke emotion, whether it is sad, funny or heartwarming. Tell us how your interaction with Larry made you feel.
  2. Don’t worry about crafting the perfect story. Focus on the emotion behind it. Our editorial staff can help put your story in final form.
  3. Make it personal. We want your story. Help readers see and experience Larry in action, through your eyes. Tell the story in first person and let the reader know what you saw, felt and heard.
  4. Jump into the action! Use the writer’s mantra: show, don’t tell. Avoid long explanations and background set-up. Place the reader in the scene and show what happened.
  5. Nonfiction only. We are looking for true stories that happened to you or someone you know.
  6. Come from the heart. A heartfelt story will touch the reader’s soul. It will help them see how they can apply Larry’s guiding principles in their own lives.
  7. Each story should have a beginning, middle and an ending that closes with a punch. The most powerful stories are those that focus on one event or one amazing result where Larry may have extended himself in some fashion and touched the lives and hearts of those around him.
  8. Maximum of 1,200 words. Keep it simple.


Story Specifications:

  1. Feel free to submit more than one story. If you do not have a personal story of your own, but have a pre-published favorite or a story written by someone else, these stories are welcomed as well. Don’t forget to include who the author is, the source, etc.
  2. No anonymous or author unknown submissions will be accepted.
  3. To ensure proper attribution for your story, please include the author’s name and contact information on the first page of the story AND on the website submission form.
  4. You may also submit quotes, anecdotes or factoids of shorter length.
  5. Stories should be non-fiction, ranging in length between 300 and 1,200 words.
  6. All submissions should relate directly to Larry H. Miller, the Miller family, or businesses operated by the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies.
  7. Submissions may be edited to fit editorial guidelines.


Submission Process:

  1. Submit your story via our online submission form.
  2. Stories may be pasted into the submission form, or uploaded via a Word document.
  3. Upon submission, you will receive an email acknowledging that Miller Inspiration has received your story.
  4. Submissions sent via postal mail will not be returned. Please do not send originals.
  5. If your story is published, you will have the option to either receive $50 upon publication, or have that amount donated to the book’s charity partner. You will also receive ten complimentary copies of the book.
  6. Your byline will be included with the published story.
  7. We will contact you if your submission has been selected for publication.
  8. If your submission is not published, but is chosen for other projects on which we are working, either in print or online, you will receive the same compensation as indicated above.
  9. Include an author bio – a short paragraph (approx. 50 words or less) about you.


Submission Form