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Pursue Your Passion

LHM_softball_pitching_smYou never know what opportunities will arise when you pursue your passion.

Larry H. Miller had a passion for fastpitch softball. At age 26, he moved his family from Utah to Colorado so he could play for one of the best teams in the West.

That lead to a job as parts manager at a Toyota dealership.

That lead to a job at another dealership, where he turned the parts department from 961st in sales to 1st, in just over two years.

That lead to a job as general manager, where he tripled profit in the first year.

That lead to a permanent home in the auto business, and eventually, his first dealership.

If he hadn’t pursued his passion for softball, who knows what would have happened…

Larry played competitive softball until age 41. As a pitcher, he amassed a record of 819-262. His team finished second in the 1982 world tournament, and second in the 1985 national tournament. In 1992, Larry was inducted into the International Softball Congress Hall of Fame as on of the top pitchers in the country


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  1. Aj42 Reply

    Bravo! One of the best parts of leaning forward into our passions is that we discover new passions along the way. How many of us forget to look for the proof that trusting our passions typically yields a worthwhile journey? Thanks for the reminder.

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