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Settling for Perfection: What I Learned During the Search for Miller Inspiration’s Logo

In business and in life there are times when it feels that every answer is wrong, that no solution exists to the problems we face. There were moments I felt that way during my search for Miller Inspiration’s logo.

I worked with a number of different artists over a period of months to design a logo for Miller Inspiration. We explored a number of promising concepts, but in the final execution none of them felt quite right. I wanted to love the logo—I wanted to be enraptured with it from the first moment I saw it. I knew it was possible, but I had doubts that I would be able to find it. Was I being too much of a perfectionist? Was it okay to settle for one that I merely liked?

The entire process felt to me like reaching into a bag filled with thousands of black marbles and a handful of white ones. The black marbles represented all the logo iterations that I didn’t love, and the white ones represented logo executions that I would love at first sight. I knew that my white marble was in there, but I didn’t know how to find it—or when to call off the search.

Continuing to work with talented people, I kept on with the process and eventually found the elusive white marble. I feel that the logo is perfect for Miller Inspiration. Now, every time I see the logo, my reaction is the same. It just feels right.

Miller Inspiration serves business leaders and entrepreneurs and uses as its starting point the lives and lessons of Larry H. and Gail Miller. Appropriately, the logo has a little bit of Larry right at the center.


Throughout this logo development process I was reminded of a number of things that Larry would talk about. One of these is the need to trust ourselves. I knew that there was a logo execution that I would love, and I kept on looking until I found it. I also reflected on Larry’s saying that life’s complexity often lies in reaching its simplicity.

Einstein said, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.” The best answers are the simplest, and very often they’re right in front of us.

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