Beyond Driven Writing Sample

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Story to write/edit:

I was working in Manhattan New York for Loews Cineplex Entertainment. At that time it was the second largest theatre chain in the world. Our office headquarters were located on Fifth Ave in the historic Coca Cola building.

One day I was called up to the 7th floor by the President of the company. A little taken back I walked into the president’s office and asked what was needed of me. He asked me how well I knew Utah and if I was familiar with the market. I answered that I had grown up in Utah and had worked in many of the movie theatres in the Salt Lake/Ogden area. He then asked me a very strange question. He said, “Who is this Larry Miller?”

I smiled and told him that I did not know him personally but that I knew he owned the Utah Jazz and sold a lot of cars. He asked me, “What does this guy know about movie theatres, Hollywood and film buying?” My response, “I don’t believe he knows a lot about them.“

“Okay then, so you are telling me that we do not need to worry about this Jordan Commons complex he is building in a place called Sandy, Utah?”

“I don’t think so, Sir. It looks like he has no connections or experience in movies or theatres that I know of and I would predict we will be buying him out or he will be closing up shop not long after the place opens.”

That conversation took place over fifteen years ago. Today no one knows much of anything about Loews Cineplex Entertainment, and The Larry H Miller Megaplex Theatres have become one of the premier independent theatre chains in the country. The theatres often take their place in the top of the county in opening weekend film grosses!

Ironically, I am now the President of the Megaplex chain! Larry admittedly did not know a lot about Hollywood, film buying or movie theatres but he knew he and Gail loved movies and he knew what people wanted to experience when they saw a movie! His passion for excellence built this chain.

I KNOW who Larry Miller is now. He was a lot more than I ever imagined and every day I strive to carry on his vision and dreams. He set the standard very high and it is humbling and awesome all at the same time to see his vision in many ways as I walk through any of the now seventeen theatres across the State of Utah and Nevada and think that it all started with a guy building a theatre in Sandy, Utah that made waves clear across the country!